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cash charge for introducing

I had appointment for doctor first time for crown for the tooth. I was a little late, but doctor said : let's see what we can do
he brought me to the room where was no equipment, nothing, it was conversation about nothing related to tooth problem or the crown type...like conversation of people who meet at the restaurant for a couple of drinks, completely unprofessional. Then he said that he does not have a time and if I want to come back- it will cost me $200 for consultation....today was introductory consultation, when I introduced myself...and it cost $50 ...cash, because insurance does not pay for that.Of course, I want him to provide cod # for this type of procedure: introduction himself to the patient, who may will not be a patient, because I asked for particular type of the crown and doctor did not confirm he works with that type of crown. I was very upset and went to different office- doctor Moskovitz, who did exam right away and gave me all information and price about type of crown that I wanted. He did the crown and even provided certificate of quality of the material that was used for this crown. I am allergic and it is very important what type of material laboratory uses for making the crown. Have compleately negative experience with doctor Roy a McDonald, will never recommend him for anybody

Fantastic dentist and staff!

Dr. McDonald and his staff make your dental experience enjoyable! Everyone there are nice and polite and they do their job efficiently so you can be in and out quickly. I almost never have to wait once I arrive at the office. Dr. McDonald is very knowledgeable and does a great job informing his patients of their relevant medical information in a way that is understandable. Dr. McDonald and his entire staff are very professional and trustworthy. I have been seeing them for years and I will never see another dentist! :)


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