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Invisalign treatment part 2

When my new aligners came in the tech didn’t even put my attachments on correctly. The doc saw my teeth and said I was good to go. I left.I went to my car and looked at my teeth. The aligners were sticking out. I walked back in and wanted them to be looked at. Actually looked at- it the typical fake glance the doctor normally does. Once the doctor saw them- he said all the attachments had to be replaced on the top because they were not catching & there was a lot of air pockets. That was completely different from what he had said 5 minutes ago. It doesn’t get better. A different tech worked on my attachments on the top row of teeth. Her method was messy and has left my teeth front to back covered in cement. My teeth are still, to this day- covered in that stuff. My teeth were getting sensitive so I had then stop the grinding. This is all very disheartening. To spend so much money & trust someone with something as important as my mouth- and to get poor treatment and more than likely- a teeth alignment problem worse off than when I came in. I came in with already very straight teeth from previous work done else were. I wanted to correct food gaps on my bottom teeth, caused my retainer. What I am getting out of treatment?A waste of money- but still to be determined since I still have time to waste with aligners that don’t fit right & an orthodontist that doesn’t care because he was already paid for the treatment. Not to mention the techs that are sloppy and do work inaccurately.

Invisalign treatment part 1

Horrible service! I had the Invisalign treatment done at this office. I complained from day one about how the aligners were fitting (well not fitting correctly). I was told repeatedly that they were fine. It wasn’t until I contacted Invisalign myself, did they decide to do the warranty scan. Then, the staff treated me differently afterwards.

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