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Dr. O’Neal and his staff are so sweet! I took my daughter there for her first dentist appointment ever and it was a wonderful experience for her. No tears and no more fears! She was so excited to go back for her second cleaning.

Dental health

Dr. O'Neal and everyone in his office always treat me with such sweetness and competence that I know I wouldn't be treated better even if I were their mother! They are the best. Dr. O'Neal always calls to check on me in the evening after I have had a procedure (aside from cleaning) done in his office.
Another plus of his office is thanks to his wife. She is responsible for the lovely garden with bird feeders that is the view for patients during procedures. Thank you Mrs. O'Neal!
All in all, this is the best dental office I have ever used. Thanks to everyone!

The Best!

Dr. O’Neal and his staff are amazing. I have used them for years and I have never had any problems with them! They are all kind and treat you like family!

Warm and welcoming

Dr. O'Neal is the most understanding, friendly dentist I've ever had. He gives you easy to understand plans of treatment with affordable pricing. His staff is amazing and caring. I am always happy to go get my teeth cleaned!

Dr. O’Neal and staff

Dr. O’Neal and his staff are awesome. They treat you like family. There caring and not only do they take care of your teeth they also care about what your going thru in your life and will pray with you if you want! I always tell people to go to them if there looking for a good dentist.

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The Dental Office of Dr. William R. O’Neal, Sr.


116 S. Florida St.
Mobile, AL 36606
Phone: (251) 479-5157

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