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Sep 26, 2018

Dr. Johnston

My experience was frustrating and I was in tears by the end of the appointment. I clearly felt Dr. Johnston had a an agenda when she walked in. I came in for a review of an ultrasound that revealed three fibroids, two cysts, and another anomaly in my enodmetrium. But I also wanted to discuss concerning symptoms that I've been experiencing for several months now, that I believe are hormone-related.
First, she refused to look at blood work results I brought in from another doctor. The blood work was processed through Quest Diagnostics lab - what I understand to be a recognized, widely used lab by many AMA professionals. But because I said that my naturopath ordered the draw, Dr. J refused to look. Incomprehensible. Second, any attempt I made to discuss other symptoms were quickly shut down. She repeatedly told me that what I was feeling was "normal for women when get their period." I've been getting a period for over 30 years, I know what's normal for me and feeling like I'm in a CONSTANT state of PMS for months on end is NOT normal. None of my concerns were addressed.
She also kept telling to "look online" for information. I thought a professional's office was the place to get accurate information, not the internet.
And please do not take this in any other way then to be about communication. I experienced a severe language barrier with Dr. J. When one of a physician's primary duties is to communicate with a patient, the communication must be clear and comprehensible.