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Aug 06, 2018

Julie S.

We have been very satisfied with our experience here. The entire staff is friendly and competent. Being located right next to the middle school has made appointments so convenient.

Aug 05, 2018

Laura B.

We love Dexter Orthodontics and their staff! Appointments were always on time and the staff was very friendly and helpful. The location is great for Dexter students... so close to all of the schools. Both kids had their Ortho work completed there.

Aug 05, 2018

Dexter Ortho rock!
Christy L.

My review stays the same - 5 Star. But just have to say my daughter, Katy Larsen, got her braces off recently after more than 2 years. She looks fantastic! I can’t quit staring at her beautiful smile/teeth. You rock Dexter Ortho!!!

Aug 05, 2018

Review & U of M
Stacey R.

Dexter Orthodontics has made our son and myself feel very comfortable during the consultations and visits! We would gladly refer Dexter Orthodontics to our friends!

Aug 05, 2018

Dexter Orthodontics Review
Liz P.

We just recently began our orthodontics adventure and are very confident that our daughter will receive quality care. The staff is very friendly, flexible and knowledgeable. Even when I have to tote my other kids along they are very accommodating and patient!

Oct 04, 2017

Dexter Orthodontics
Bulent B.

My experience in the office was very positive. The office has a nice waiting area with a special location reserved for younger kids to watch TV or play while waiting. My son was very relaxed and his time in the office with the doctor went very well. Professional and at the same time friendly environment.

Oct 02, 2017

Leigh V.

Dr. Moenssen and her staff are very friendly, very flexible about scheduling. My daughter loved the earning the smile points.

Oct 02, 2017

The Best Orthodontic
John N.

The Best around

Sep 16, 2017

great for the family
Karen F.

We have used Dexter Ortho for all of our children and the adults in our family. Dr. Moenssen and her staff are gentile, kind, courteous, and knowledgeable. They remember you and ask always ask questions about you and your life. This creates a familiarity and promotes relaxation in a place that is not always relaxing!

Sep 13, 2017

Shannon p.

GREAT!!!!!!!! The best ortho in Michigan!

Sep 12, 2017

Phenomenal Customer Service
Stacey B.

We have had such a wonderful experience at Dexter Orthodontics. The entire staff has been professional, caring, and accommodating since day one. We are so lucky that they are here for us. Thanks to them, our daughter can be confident when she smiles!

Sep 11, 2017

Dexter Orthodontics
Stephanie B.

My daughter loves Dr. Moenssen! Great staff and everyone is very personable!

Sep 10, 2017

Sarah E.

We have been going here off and on for many years. My daughter is almost done but we have had a great time being a patient. We couldn't have been more pleased with the whole experience.

Sep 10, 2017

Dexter Ortho Rocks!
Christy L.

I cannot say enough about Dexter Orthodontics. Dr. Moenssen is extremely gifted in her treatment and the entire staff is super friendly and accommodating. We wouldn't take our kiddos anywhere else!

Sep 10, 2017

Friendly Staff and Awesome Care!
Olivia S.

I am so happy with the work I had done at Dexter Orthodontics with Dr. Moenssen and her staff! It was been nearly 4 years since I finished my treatment and I am so happy with it! The staff is so friendly, helpful, and caring, and the smile points made the experience even better! Thank you Dexter Orthodontics!

Sep 10, 2017

Great staff
Cheri L.

We are so lucky to have Dexter Orthodontics in our community. The staff is professional and kind!

Sep 10, 2017

Great care!
Kerrie O.

My daughter's experience here has been great. Very friendly office with careful consideration of care needs.

Sep 10, 2017

Great care!
Anna W.

I have 2 boys receiving orthodontic care right now. All of the staff is kind and patient. Dr. Moenssen takes her time and explains things thoroughly. She is great with anxious and scared kids!

Aug 29, 2017

Awesome staff!
Megan H.

Our kids are both at Dexter Orthodontics and have had great care! Dr. Moenssen considers each child individually as she plans for treatment. We were given options based on our son's personality that we didn't even need to consider with our daughter. The office staff is so kind and helpful whenever we have questions.

Aug 29, 2017

Super Smiles
Kate B.

Both my daughters are in the works with Dr. Moenssen and we've been very pleased. The staff is friendly and helpful. The girls have been treated with compassion and care. My oldest daughter even received the honor of being featured on one of their billboards. She was thrilled! I can tell Dr. Moenssen really cares about the kids and families she serves and the community she lives and works in. We love being part of such a community focused office. I highly recommend Dexter Orthodontics.

Aug 27, 2017

Friendly Staff and Great Results
Kristin H.

My brother and I both went to Dr. Moenssen for our orthodontic work. The staff was always very friendly and accommodating. It was nice to learn little bits about Dr. Moenssen and her staff - very personable. My brother and I both ended up with great smiles. Thanks to Dexter Orthodontics!

Aug 26, 2017

Dexter Ortho Review
Susan D.

We love Dexter Orthodontics for numerous reasons! First, they provide EXCELLENT dental care. Dr. M and her staff are wonderful, the state-of-the-technology that is used is great, computer check-in, quick visits, mobile reminders, and customer relations is all great! I love that Dr. M does donate to awesome causes and Rob does an awesome job with promotion. It's a great facility to have orthodontic treatment! 💛

Aug 26, 2017

Amazing Staff!
Jeremy G.

My daughters are 9 and 11 and were referred to Dr. Moenssen's office for an orthodontic evaluation by their dentist. They were both very nervous about seeing an orthodontist, but the staff were awesome. They took the time to explain everything and put my girls at ease. Dr. Moenssen was great with them as well and they are now excited about getting braces in the near future. Thank you Dexter Orthodontics!

Aug 26, 2017

James D.

Our children have been treated at Dexter Orthodontics for about four years, we still have an additional child to be treated. They have had some major work done and had braces for the first 2 years. Their bites were corrected and serious crookedness straightened. We have been very pleased with the work this group has done. Each technician we have had has done a very good job. I would recommend this orthodontist highly and we are expecting the youngest to have his teeth straightened there as well.

Aug 25, 2017

Great experience
Liz P.

My son is currently a patient of Dr Moenssen and he really likes her and the staff. I was a patient of hers 15 years ago and they were great back then,too

Aug 25, 2017

U of M tix
Maria S.

My daughter was a patient of Dr. Moenssen. Her and her staff were amazing. My daughter hated going to the regular dentist but going in dexter ortho was a breeze. She loved it here. The staff is amazing. She really looked forward to seeing kelsey on her visits. She is a great asset to your staff. I highly recommend Dexter Ortho for anyone with orthodontic needs!!!!

Aug 25, 2017

Efficient and courteous staff

The staff is always courteous and efficient. They are also good about not prescribing unnecessary treatment plans and take a more conservative approach.

Aug 25, 2017

Great staff!
Julie H.

We love the office and it's staff! They are always so professional, kind and helpful!

Aug 25, 2017

prompt and efficient!
Laura B.

My two children have gone through braces with Dr. Moenssen. The office staff is very nice and the appointments are always on time! You know when making the appointment how long the appointment will take, which is so helpful when you need to plan for other family events. The location of the office makes it super convenient for Dexter school district students.

Aug 25, 2017

Great office
Alice M.

The office waiting area is clean and well kept and like the self check in feature . Staff is courteous and quick to address questions ! Great job!

Aug 25, 2017

Dexter Ortho
Hope B.

Great and friendly office! Always helpful and always pleasant and they definitely want your smile to be perfect!

Aug 25, 2017

Awesome Everyone!
Madison M.

This place is the best. From when I walk in and check in, to appts, all the employees. They make you feel like part of the family from day one! I tell all my friends where I got my braces, and I almost am ready to have them removed! Already my smile looks great and I can't wait to show it off when they are off!!! Thanks!!!

Aug 25, 2017

Thomas B.

Excellent office and is always a pleasant experience. They all certainly make you feel like your child's mouth is very important to them.

Aug 25, 2017

Tina B.

We love Dexter Orthodontics!! They are timely, pleasant and allows a pleasure to work with! Everyone is always smiling!!!

Aug 25, 2017

Tracie S.

All 4 of my children are treated here, and it's been a great experience for each of them. The staff and Dr. Moenssen are wonderful, and they work around our crazy schedule.

Aug 25, 2017

Incredibly happy with Dexter Orthodontics
Sarah H.

We've been very pleased with everyone at Dexter Orthodontics. Super friendly and patient.

Aug 25, 2017

Great staff and experience
Caitlin V.

I went to this office when I was young and the staff is amazing. Now my 10 year old son goes there.