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Jun 07, 2020

Love this place!

I love Epps Orthodontics. The service is amazing, and the staff are so friendly and kind. They’re understanding, and make sure to give you the best service.

In response to the 1 star review about a worker:

Don’t be rude like that and claim you are not a racist, when you call someone you don’t know Chinese. There is a term for that if you don’t know what their ethnicity is. Simply just say “Asian” or another description. I also agree that Epps has excellent diversity! I would recommend this place!

Jun 06, 2020

Epps and staff are so friendly

Firstly to that anonymous review - it’s a shame that Dr. Epps has to treat a racist, ignorant patient like you. I have been worked on by all of the ladies at the Sumter Office and they are all so nice and friendly. It’s great to see the diversity they have in this office. I would definitely recommended Epps Orthodontics

Jun 05, 2020

answering the review under this

response to the review below me: go somewhere else if you are not satisfied with the employees. it is not your place to say “fire him/her”. go somewhere else. very juvenile to comment on how your family does not like the employee and comment “please fire her”. your family can take your complaint somewhere else.

10/10 love Epps, great place, great environment, would recommend.

Feb 28, 2020

Very frustrated at one of the workers

I’ve been going to epps in Sumter for a while and i loved every visit. And a couple of months ago, a new Chinese lady came in. I’m no racist but i don’t know her name. But she takes forever to put your wire back on. BOTH of my brothers get finished by the time i’m done. She doesn’t know what she’s doing. She always digs her nails into my gum when she puts on power chains, she always tries to change my treatment. I’ve had power chains for nearly a year and whenever i have her she says “maybe you need a break from power chains” and i try to tell her that’s not what i wear. And then we have to get someone to verify that i wear power chains. And this happens EVERY TIME. None of my family members like her. None of my friends like her. I guarantee she has other complaints as well. Please fire her thank you, i’ve tried to overcome doing this but i can’t no more. I need braces for another year and i’m not dealing with her

Feb 06, 2019

Excellent Orthodontist
Tara P.

I have been so impressed with Dr. Epps and his staff. The staff is so friendly, and Dr. Epps takes the time to get to know his patients. He is very thorough and efficient. I would highly recommend his office!

Oct 17, 2018

Brionna R.

Epps is by far the best orthodontic I've ever been to! They are always so sweet and smiley as patients walk through the door. I love the environment they provide! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Jan 26, 2018

Best Orthodontic

I absolutely love Dr. Epps and his staff. Everyone is nice and very friendly. I have never waited longer than 10 minutes to be seen.