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Jan 22, 2019

getting braces off
jack t.

my daughters mouth was a train wreck when all of these procedures first started out. dr. Mansour was the ultimate pro . he knew just what needed to be done. and yesterday after 2 years 9 months and 10 days the unveiling took place. man are we all blown away. my daughter who is 14 has the most beautiful teeth and smile imaginable!! thank you so much doc and your entire staff for a great experience in all facets of this orthodontic endeavor...………...jack towne and his beautiful daughter morgan

Dec 24, 2018

Shaved enamel with out letting me know.

First 7 months of the treatment went very well. I noticed my front teeth were perfectly aligned and i was very happy with the results. Later on, i say a year and 4 months later, they had an orthodontist assistant who wasn't familiar with the braces I had on work on my teeth. Which was okay, you got to learn somehow. I noticed my right central incisor and right canine got a little crooked after about 3 months of treatment which was fine. I figured they could easily fix it with the next treatment. The next time I go, they remove my braces, even though my upper teeth were slightly crooked. I had high hopes and thought a retainer could possible fix the slight crookedness. Oh boy i was wrong. When they removed my braces, the orthodontist does the unthinkable and shaved a lot of enamel off my right central incisor with out my permission to give the illusion of my teeth being straight. I was in a lot of pain during the moment. The pain felt like a belt sander was ripping apart my tooth. Worst part about the procedure my right central incisor is no longer symmetrical. My bottom teeth are perfect after the procedure which is good, but my top teeth will never be the same and lost perfect symmetry. I don't recommend anyone to go to this orthodontist, unless u want your teeth to look misshaped. My teeth do look better than they did before having braces, but I wish they straightened my teeth properly with out messing up my symmetry.