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Jul 10, 2018

Great Experience
Traci D.

Dr. Grisius and his staff provided a great experience for my daughter. My son is about to go through the process as well. When we were looking for an orthodontist, we met with a couple different offices. The first place wanted to put all 3 of my kids in braces right away. Not only would that have been impossible to afford, but I felt my youngest had some growing to do before we went down that road. When we met with Dr. Grisius, he didn't even want to examine my youngest until he was a little older. He made a plan to work with my oldest first and said when she is done, we will work with the next child. It was a realistic approach which I appreciated. My daughter has a beautiful smile and my middle child is going for his consultation. We are very pleased.

Mar 09, 2017

Greatest Ortho!
Joylyn H.

Dr. Grisius cares for my kids like they were his own. He is truly a perfectionist who knows his work. It's so nice to go into his office and not have to worry about a thing. I know my kids will have gorgeous smiles and they will be treated kindly. I love the way he and his family are involved with the community and is one of the greatest sponsors to most of our community events. Thank you Dr. G for being a great example to all!