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Aug 24, 2020

Dr. Han Is Fantastic
Theresa E.

Dr. Han goes above and beyond patient care!
Dr. Han truly lives up to his mission statement, and I can honestly say that he is simply the best. Great staff too.

Aug 06, 2019

Incredible Ortho Experience with Dr. Han!
Rajan P.

Today, I got my braces off after approximately 3 years! To say that Dr. Han and his entire staff provided excellent orthodontic treatment is an understatement and simply does not do justice to his practice. My treatment plan was to be approximately two years in length. Towards the end of 24 months, being the super particular individual that I am, I was not completely satisfied with the positioning of one tooth. Dr. Han worked tirelessly with me and extended my treatment with no additional charge to ensure that I was completely satisfied. Moreover, he went above and beyond the highest level of patient satisfaction; at one appointment he provided examples and text from an orthodontic book to teach and help me understand the nuances of best practices in creating a beautiful smile. Dr. Han truly lives up to his mission statement and I can say very confidently that I could not have had a better journey than with him and his staff!