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Jul 09, 2019

Horrible experience
Mechelle S.

..continued from previous review: Also, when I originally got the impressions for my retainers, they could not find the correct size tray. They measured my mouth 3 times before finally just settling with the last one. They never offered to reschedule me to come back once the correct size tray came in. This is more than likely the reason my retainers did not fit!! I am highly disappointed!

Jul 09, 2019

Horrible Experience
Mechelle S.

I’m very disappointed in the service I received at Granberry Henderson (Smile Doctor). Upon removal of my braces, I received clear retainers which did not fit my teeth. Although, I told them I preferred the metal retainer. They said they did not provide the metal retainers anymore. I left with the clear retainers & the experience with them was horrible. They did not fit. I called the next day and explained my situation to the receptionist who advised I could pay $250 for the Holly (metal retainer). Taking in consideration that I’d just paid $1,150 the day before for braces removal and retainers, I think they should have traded the retainers out. Anyway, She put my appointment for 2 weeks later even though I needed to be seen ASAP. Fast forward to today, I went to the appointment and as I’m explaining the situation to the receptionist, no one (including management) could tell me the correct price for the retainers that I already have.(I was overcharged for them). Also, they refused to replace them due to being the incorrect size. My only option was to pay for the Holly, which now is $225. I was incorrectly told $250 at first. I proceeded to do so; however, my complaint is that I originally paid for retainers that does not fit and they were not replaced. I’ve paid for 2 sets of retainers when I only need one set! The Dr was very nonchalant when looking at my retainers & did not comment on them not fitting, he just told the dental assistant that a holly retainer could be made.

Apr 10, 2019

Awesome lady
Jennifer C.

I called at 5:00 this evening to try and get rubber bands for my daughter Bc she ran out. I had forgotten to call earlier and the lady who answered kindly told me she would leave them taped to the outside door for me, because they had just closed!!!! How awesome is that!!! I was so thankful for her kindness and understanding!!! I wish I had for her name!! Please know it was the office on Professional Pkwy!!! Thank you nice lady!!!! You saved my day!!!
One forgetful moma!!!