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Feb 12, 2019

Deeply Grateful
Stuart & Amanda Y.

From our first evaluation to the final touches, we couldn’t be more impressed or pleased with Dr. Rowan and the wonderful ladies who worked with us! Dr. Rowan’s expert direction and care gave our girl great trust in the process, and as we wrap up our treatment plan, she has tremendous pride in Dr. Rowan being her orthodontist. We are grateful for their taking fabulous care of our daughter!

Jan 31, 2018

Treatment Review
Barbara L.

Absolutely 100% satisfied with the results and would go through wearing braces again by Dr. Rowan and his excellent and professional team. Thank you!

Jul 03, 2017

Best Orthodontist in town!

I am currently in braces and have 2 of my children in observation, as they are not quite ready for braces yet. Dr. Rowan in very thorough with explaining exactly what sort of treatment is needed and why. Not only does he explain his sort of treatment but he also teaches you on the proper techniques. Most orthodontist's will go ahead and put in an expander and slap a few brackets on just to get you in the door and for your money, but dr Rowan does not do what is not necessary. He says the only time he uses an expander or what is called Phase 1 is if it is truly needed, for example a crossbite, or if the patient has a "bull dog" bite and needs a few brackets to help pull the top teeth out in front of the bottom teeth, and there were a few other examples.He is a firm believer in treating a patient with braces once and only once for the shortest amount of time. He also told us a story of when he was younger he had braces for 6 years the first time around! And he then had braces again for 2 years after that!He does not want anybody else to ever have to go through what he did. you will not have treatment like this anywhere else. Oh and another fun fact, he and his assistants actually bend their own wires to fit YOUR mouth, others buy pre-made wires and they make your smile look flat and wide which is never a good look for anyone