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Nov 15, 2017

DR. Britton office

Went in last week and let me say i loved this place! Everything was so organized. I met a young lady by the name Teresa who was the sweetest very patient and took the time to hear me and work with me, from a person who use to work at a Doctors office it’s good to know there’s still people like her in offices Who genuinely care about their patients. Dr. Britton you have a great team behind you. If you need anywhere to go, go to Dr. Britton!!

Oct 26, 2017

Medical Billing Rep

Hello first of all I am not a patient of yours but I did call to check to see what kind of insurance was taken for future visits. I was able to speak to an insurance rep by the name of Ebralyn and must I say she was the sweetest person I've spoken to in a long time. She was real informative and very polite. She had so much patience with me and answered all my questions. Just wanted to let the clinic know of the great employee you have working there. I will be visiting soon for sure.

Thank you.
Susan G.

Oct 06, 2017

Dr. Britton and staff
Cindy C.

Dr. Britton is an extremely talented, highly skilled, and compassionate physician. My husband and I have been his patients for several years, and he has done surgery for each of us. I find his office staff to be both professional and courteous. I would heartily recommend Dr. Britton to anyone looking for the best urologist!

Aug 25, 2017

First Time Visit
Eve A.

Dr. Carl Britton was my doctor. I am, let's just say, terrified of procedures of any kind. I am a 62 yo, Caucasian, female for demographics. I suffered for more than 2 yrs in an effort to avoid any contact. I had not slept for those 2 yrs bc I needed to go to the bathroom at least 3 times per night. My bladder felt FULL all the time. I could not dare travel bc I needed pit stops repeatedly!
Ok, Dr. Britton's staff were amazing. They were so sweet that no matter how snarky I became, they just stayed determined. My husband was physically restraining me. Lol
So, Dr. Britton came into the exam room. He had already tested my urine and told me it certainly was not a persistant infection and I would require a scope!! Oh no. He was so sweet and so understanding. He said, "I will be in and out in 2 minutes" and he was! I didn't have cancer. (Yea) I most likely was suffering from IC. I don't like prescription drugs almost as much as doctors! He prescribed ALOE VERA capsules and gave me a huge supply of samples. It literally was one of the only positive medical experiences I've had in Lubbock.

"If you're a chicken, go to Dr. Britton!" Lol

Jul 09, 2017

Billy S.

I am glad I am not the only one, I thought maybe it was me. The insurance lady and the surgery scheduler were the worst I have ever dealt with. As soon as I can I'm moving. Really dread having to ask them to move my records.

Jul 05, 2017

Dr Britton
Jim R.

Have seen Dr Britton several times. I find him to be a compassionate caring Dr. However the office staff are the worst I have ever dealt with. When I asked the price of a procedure I never got a straight answer. I had to get my insurance on the line with them before I ever got an answer. The scheduling lady was just about as rude. His nurse never called me back with some blood test results and had to get them from the ladies at the front desk. I will say the front desk are the only helpful ones in the whole office.
It is a shame the office is so poorly run.

Feb 20, 2017

Compassion in dealing with the Elderly
Maria G.

My father had a visit with Dr. Vallabhan on Nov 23rd, the day before Thanksgiving weekend. Dad is 88 yrs old and had open heart surgery in the middle of August. So, he is on blood thinners. The visit with the doctor was fine. But it's the rushed process they did in between seeing the doctor that involved getting a couple of shots that really left him and I both very upset. He was given a shot and then given the procedure. During the procedure and while laying on the table, he was bleeding quite a bit. Due to the meds, I understand. I was so very upset to see the nurses or assistance just run him through the process and send home with blood all up his back and down his leg. Everyone was in such a hurry to get the weekend going that they didn't show any sort of concern for his unusually heavy bleeding. What would having him lay there for a few minutes more have cost them? Even have me come in and clean him up before they sent him out the door. My complaint was not with the doctor, but the lack of concern and cleanliness when handling my dad's situation. I know this may be only a job for many. But you are dealing with people, not cattle, which is what it reminded me of when we left there. Please be aware of the human factor.

Jan 04, 2017

Jill S.

Dr. Britton performed surgery on my 8 year old daughter and the experience was wonderful. He is great with kids and nervous parents. The office staff is very friendly and thorough. They are also great to let you get your testing done in your hometown if you do not live in Lubbock. I would highly recommend Dr. Britton to anyone.