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Sep 05, 2017

Dr Chen- Excellent Care -- Featured Review
Dana Z.

I have used RCH for many years to send my patients for second opinions, evaluations, and surgery as needed for complex retinal issues. They have 100% been there for my patients regardless of their busy schedules. Last Sunday evening, I was called in to my practice for an eye emergency. Upon evaluating the patient, I knew he needed retinal surgery. I called and spoke with Dr. Chen. He was very positive, helpful, and willing to help the patient immediately. We decided the best time to evaluate the patient was the next day, Labor day. He met the patient that morning and began the process of recovery. The entire time he was gracious, helpful, and empathetic to me and our patient. This is RCH! This is how they take care of their patients.

Reply from office
Dr. Chen is very happy to hear you are pleased with your experience and the care he provides to your patients. Thank you for allowing Retina Consultants of Houston to share in your patients care. We value your feedback!

Sep 06, 2018

Barbara W.

I have been treated for ARMD at RCH for about 11 years at the Sugar Land office where the staff is always cordial and efficient.

The four doctors I have seen over the years are all thorough, competent and caring.

However, Dr. Shah is the absolute best at giving injections. He researched his technique and has more recently perfected it to the point that I no longer have any post-injection discomfort - NONE!
That has made such a difference in the whole injection experience.

He conveys optimism, encouragement and genuine concern plus, he always greets me with a handshake and a big smile.

I also appreciate the fact that this group is involved in research which enables them to be on the cutting edge of treatment options.

I have experienced some longer than desired wait times through the years, but that is understandable considering that there are unexpected situations with patients along with emergencies that must be taken care of. Overbooking can happen, but that is not the norm. I live two hours away - my sight is worth any inconvenience.

Jul 19, 2018

Dr. Rosa Kim

I have been with Dr. Kim for over 10 yrs and have absolutely highest respect and trust to Dr. Kim. She is professional and truly caring her patients. I have no hesitation for highest recommendations to patients.

Jun 19, 2018

wonderful experience

My parents traveled abroad for a complex retinal issue and had a consultation visit with RCH and were very happy, the entire staff and Dr O'Malley was compassionate, detail oriented and attentive.
thank you for the positive experience.

Nov 08, 2017

Waited too long/ Dr. insensitive
Elaine P.

I went for another follow-up at the Katy office with Dr. Wycoff to ensure the repair to my torn retina is still in tact (after a successful emergency surgery with Dr. Kim 3 years ago). I waited 30 minutes just to be seen and then after only 10 minutes in the dark room, I was brought to the examination room where I was left for an hour! After 30 minutes, I was reminding myself to be polite and excuse the doctor, as I knew he was busy and doing his best. But after 45 minutes, I had lost my patience (and wits), as it is impossible to read with dilated eyes and the lights were so bright, my eyes were stressed. I had just about decided to leave when I heard him coming. The exam is always rough, with the bright light and the pressure placed on the eye; I know this is normal. But as I pulled away and he knowingly suggested the lights were tough, I said, "Actually, it's the pushing that is bothering me." And he replied, "So the lights aren't bothering you?" I was already out of my mind with anger for having waited so long, then trying to remain composed through a difficult (and necessary) examination, but I did not need a cheeky response that seemed to be condescending. I don't remember asking any questions that needed to be asked when he gave his assessment as I was so upset, and I just went into the bathroom and cried. I would have gladly rescheduled my appointment had they told me how long the wait was going to be. I will be looking for another office and doctor.

Oct 24, 2017

Wonderful service
Janet l.

I cannot say enough good things about this team. I have seen Dr. Khan for Macular Degeneration. Dr. Khan explained my treatment and listened to my concerns. He is very caring along with the whole team at the Woodlands. Never a long wait time, and all the team are about making you feel at ease. They are very thorough, and I feel I came to the right place for my treatment. I also know that if I had an emergency of some sort, this team would be there 24/7.

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Thank you for taking the time to complete a review for Retina Consultants of Houston and your doctor. Dr. Shah will be happy to hear you are pleased with your experience and the care he and his team are providing for you. We value your feedback! Patient care is our top priority. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Oct 14, 2017

First time visit
Kimberly O.

Hello I had a first time visit with Dr David Brown on 10/01/2017 for 1:15pm. Dr Brown had a lot of patients this day as the waiting rooms were quite full. He was in a hurry during my visit and very aggressive in his examination. He pulled and stretched on my right eye in a very rough manner. He could see that I was struggling and did not give me any time to recover before he started examining my left eye in the same rough manner. He was jumping from room to room and I do not believe he washed his hands. I had a headache immediately after leaving his office and my eyes lids hurt. By the next morning my right eye was red and had crust around it. I thought it would pass, but by 10/5/17, it was not better so I called back. I was sent to a doctor at the Frostwood location. I had to pay another $35.00 fee and purchase a prescription eye drop. My red and irritated eye was a direct result of Dr Brown's very rough handling and I do not believe I should have been charged the additional visit fee. I do not wish to see Dr Brown again. Thank you

Sep 29, 2017

Poor Customer Service

Poor customer service with employees who answer the phone. this is my situation: I scheduled an appointment with one of the locations and the receptionist asked for my email so the registration forms can be emailed. I called at the end of business day (i haven't received the forms yet) and another receptionist told me that RETINA doesn't email or fax documents (in a rude way). I explained to her that RETINA forms aren't online and the on the website this is what it says, "For your convenience, you can complete your patient registration online. Call our office at 713-524-3434 to provide us with your email address to receive your pre-visit registration link." I am more upset that the employees were rude and transferred me around to other RETINA locations because I assume they didn't want to be bothered with helping solve this issue.

Sep 19, 2017

Outstanding Service!
P T R.

This began with an eye problem that had me extremely concerned, because I discovered that it could be very serious, and I needed to see a Doctor asap. After deciding on Retina Consultants of Houston, I noticed they made appointments via their website, so I went through the motions of setting one, fully expecting that I would probably have to contact them before they contacted me. But they called me first thing that morning! I explained my situation, and they gave me an appointment on the spot. Things only got better from there.

I expected the typical thing that most Dr.'s offices do… hurry up and wait. But that never happened. The use tablets for the registration process, and I was sitting in the exam room in no time flat. I was impressed throughout my entire visit, but even more so after I met Dr. Richard H. Fish.

He caught me off guard by not only demonstrating competence, experience, and attentiveness… he actually sat back with his hands comfortably folded across his chest and gave me his undivided attention as I asked questions. He LISTENED to me, and never gave me that sense of feeling rushed! I was pleasantly surprised.

If you are reading this review, let me say that I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Richard H. Fish and the entire team at Retina Consultants of Houston. They are providing patient care the way it should be provided.

I have now found the team that I fully trust to handle my eyes, and I commend them highly!

Aug 21, 2017

2nd International Conference and Expo on Cataract
Emma P.

To Retina Consultants of Houston,

We would like to contact you for the Cataract and Advanced Eye Care to be held in Rome, Italy during June 14-16, 2018. We would like to invite the complete department of ophthalmology for the conference.

For more details of the conference, kindly follow the link:

For any further query, write an email to

Best Regards,
Emma Parker
Program Director
Cataract and Advanced Eye Care 2018

Jul 13, 2017

Great doctors!

I have had the pleasure of following up with 5 doctors and all have been very professional. Doctors Fish, Wong, Schefler, Brown, and Wykoff have spent time answering all my questions and my families questions. They were patient and made me feel like I was all that mattered in that moment. I would highly recommend this practice. I tell everyone about the improvements in my vision. I know my vision would have continued to deteriorate if it weren't for the care I was given. I can't say enough good things about everyone I have had the pleasure of meeting. Thank you!

Jun 03, 2017

waiting time
Julia W.

Friday, June 2, 2017, in the Lehman Eye Clinic in Nacogdoches, after I signed in, I waited two hours before my presence was acknowledged, and I was there for three and half hours total. Some of the patients had to leave. This was not a happy situation.
The Doctor had to minister to Eighty patients. Each required individual attention, the knowledge and skill of a trained professional Doctor who had to focus and concentrate on each different patient. You sent the Best, and he did his Best. But, you put him in a distinct disadvantage. That was “over-Booking”. More serious than airplanes overbooking.
Any other business that treated customers and employees so callously, would face consequences. Your business is human eyesight, our health, our time, and our well-being. Please do what is necessary to make your business more efficient. Your business depends on it. Many of us depend on Retina Consultants.
For my Macular Degeneration, I have been taking Eye Shots for many years. First, in Livingston, but since 2015, I have been able to get these injections in Nacogdoches. The Livingston facility was always crowded, with up to 70 patients crammed into the tiny waiting room there. Randy was a marvelous facilitator working these people out efficiently. In the Lehman facility in Nacogdoches, 80 patients a day is way too many.
Retina Consultants is saving eyesight for very many of us. Please make the waiting experience more pleasant, -- at least, more efficient.

Feb 22, 2017

Macular degeneration treatment
Barbara H.

Dr. Wykoff, you're my hero!! Had wet macular degeneration but Dr. Wykoff discovered an abnormality in my case. So he tried a procedure not used for this and it worked! Turned wet md to dry md. No more injections. Sight cleared up. He thoroughly explained what he wanted to do and it gave me confidence to give it a try. The staff at Memorial City and Medical Center offices are very professional - top rated, but made me feel like a patient and not a number. Highly recommend.

Nov 10, 2016

Review of Dr. Tien Wong
Thomas S.

Dr. Wong has been treating me for age related wet macular degeneration for several years now.

His technique in administering the shots of Lucentis is virtually painless and I am very pleased with the care I have received.

Sep 19, 2016

My Husband
Diana F.

Great doctors, We saw Dr. Rosa Kim on a regular bases My husband was a patient of her , because of sarcoidosis had damaged his eye. All though he doesn't see her anymore. I want him to return to her. She really did a great job on his vitrectomy. He has been down and have not went back to the doctor. He knows she is and amazing doctor but got tired of going, depressed. If you need a GREAT doctor she is the one.
Diana Flanagan