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Nov 16, 2018

Go elsewhere if you want to feel better.
Ashley J.

Dr. Johnson is useless and a few weeks after telling me there was nothing wrong with me I dislocated my wrist SITTING IN A CAR, tore the cartilage, and now I need surgery. Thanks for nothing, I guess. How difficult could it have been to believe me? Not at all, actually. I can’t believe someone so condescending and eager to humiliate her patients went into medicine. Her behavior was atrocious, aside from the condescension, sarcasm, blatant mockery, and eye-rolling. I’m so glad I’m seeing a better doctor now! I’m only angry that I forced myself to stick with someone so miserable and useless. If you actually want medical help and want to get better, find someone else.

Sep 19, 2018

How Dr Schulman helped me
Robyn C.

This review is several decades in the making. I was a young 20 yr old suffering with all symptoms of Lupus with kidney failure. In the hospital Dr. Schulman worked for several weeks to help me survive. They came up with a diagnosis and treatment plan I was getting better! Dr. Schulman followed me though years until I moved upstate. If not for the the group of physicians especially Dr. Schulman I wouldnt have become a Nurse and practiced for 25 years! Or able to celebrate my 50th birthday this month. I can’t say enough...thank you god bless.