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Apr 20, 2019

Nicole H.

Dr. Sherrick did my braces and I was MORE then Pleased with the outcome! Although I did not have insurance to cover braces she allowed me to make payments that were affordable while having my braces on. All her staff members were friendly, and I love how she is straight and to the point about taking care of your teeth and braces. You only have one set of permanent teeth so I appreciated her bluntness and honesty when it was needed.
After having my braces off for over 2 years one of my dogs chewed up my Invisalign/retainer I had NO Issue's when I took my molds back in and needed a new set made. Appreciate her and her staff for all that they do.

Apr 15, 2019


After each visit I went to pay for my treatment and the secretary made me feel "poor" because I was using my credit card. She told me at EVERY visit to bring a check next time and told me that she thought every one had money in their checking like her "fluffy" account and she was not joking. She does not know my circumstances and should not have made comments like that to a paying patient. I paid for my services (that didn't even work) at every visit and should not have been ridiculed every time I paid. Dr. Sherrick did not seem to care and was even rude at a couple of visits. I am a grown adult, please do not speak to adults like you do your teenage patients. I did not feel like she had my best interest in hand while accepting my credit card payments and not making my situation any better. I am very disappointed that I chose to go there and now I am just out that amount of money for nothing. I would not recommend.

Nov 29, 2017

Beth L.

I'm not a patient, but I'm in Fort Leonardwood for school, they were very accommodating and professional and were able to get me in and fix my power chain and did not even charge me, very appreciative to DR Sherrick and her staff.