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Mar 20, 2020

re: Dr Clifton, Cheryl, Katie and staff.The best!
J T.

I called Dr. Clifton's office with a toothache. His receptionist/office manager, Cheryl was wonderful. After placing me on hold for a minute she asked me how soon I could get into their office. I gave a time span and all was set. I went in, filled out some papers, then was immediately called back. Once seated, Dr. Clifton checked my mouth and teeth and determined he needed an x-ray of the particular tooth in question, he also had Chery call my ex-dentist to get in the works, my Panorex transferred to his office.

After seeing the X-ray of the two teeth in question, he proceeded to give me options of what could be done. He was not pushy at all, very easy to work with and reasonable in pricing.

It has been over a month since I first went into see Dr Clifton. After antibiotics, a root canal referral, Dr Clifton placed a temporary crown on the one tooth and pulled another one that could not be saved. I am one happy camper. Now looking forward to getting my teeth cleaned and the permanent crown on the one tooth.

I very highly recommend Dr Thomas Clifton and his staff if you are looking for a kind, patient, very capable and caring dentist.

Sep 16, 2019

Cheryl's care and professionalism
Jon D.

I wanted to comment on how much Cheryl cared for me when I had my wisdom tooth extracted over a month ago. Even though this surgery took place at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, she took the time and had the patience to talk to me and help me get through the recovering process (it was pretty rough on me, probably because I am 51 years old finally getting this done). Cheryl also made a priority appointment on the spot that had to be done and continued to work with me and consult me even calling me back to check on me. This is VERY much appreciated and is another reason why I will always go to Dr. Clifton's office for my dental work. Thank you.