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Sep 13, 2018

Excellent Teeth Care -- Featured Review
JoAnn S.

I have been a patient for almost 26 years. Dr. Williams has always provided excellent care for my family and myself. He has always gone beyond taking care of my teeth, but has also cared about my comfort and needs. I have Rhumetoid Arthritis in my jaw and Dr. Williams made sure to take many breaks when fixing a tooth with a crack and cavity in it. I have also felt the same comfort and care from Dr. George Williams Jr. who did some follow up after the procedure. Blessed to be a patient with the Williams Family Dental Group!

Jan 18, 2019

Office visit
michael h.

Always a very friendly staff and very thorough services. Thank you for making my visit a enjoyable visit

Jan 17, 2019

Dentist appointment
Sabrina M.

Highly recommend to friends and family.

Jan 16, 2019

Joe G.

From start of my visit to scheduling my next appointment, everyone in the Williams Family Dental Group is professional, pleasant and easy to work with. My special thanks to Joe - he is a great hygienist!

Jan 15, 2019

My Recent Visit
Karen C.

As always I am leased with the way I am treated at Dr Williams office. The staff in the office is friendly and efficient. They always make me feel special. Joe cleaned my teeth and took my xrays. He is very nice, friendly and does a great job. He makes our session really pleasant. Got to meet the new Doctor today and as usual was pleased with his friendliness and interest in my teeth and myself. Good job as

Jan 14, 2019

My Look Forward To Cleaning
Don E.

As usual, a great visit to my favorite dentist and dental assistant. Look forward to July. Thanks and good luck to Tony.

Jan 14, 2019

Raquel Maghes
Rima M.

Highly recommend you to friends and family.

Jan 09, 2019

Excellent care and service

As always excellent and personal care is what I received.

Jan 09, 2019

Great Cleaning / Office Friendly
Natalie D.

Office Friendly. Great Cleaning.

Jan 03, 2019

Cleaning with Joe

Had a great experience. Definitely recommend them to others

Jan 03, 2019

recent appointment
Denise H.

As usual wonderful experience, Dr Williams Sr did a great job I needed two composite fillings done and he surpassed my expectations They look great! thanks again.

Dec 31, 2018

Review-basket giveaway
Leslie S.

They are professional, kind, gentle, and worked me in same day with an emergency that could have been life threatening. Reached out with follow-up call after procedure, which was very appreciated.

Dec 28, 2018

Dental care

Outstanding care!!

Dec 27, 2018

Friendly visit
Susan R.

Tank you Dr. Williams for a great visit

Dec 27, 2018

Andrea B.

Everyone in the William's Family Dental Group are polite, courteous and professional. I would highly recommend this dental group to my friends and family.

Dec 20, 2018

Dental check up

I had a cleaning today and it was careful and non traumatic.
The x-rays made showed some concern in two areas, but one was discounted and the other will be watched until my next visit.
The Hygienist and dentist were very professional and thorough,

Dec 20, 2018

Dental check up

I had a cleaning today and it was careful and non traumatic.
The x-rays made showed some concern in two areas, but one was discounted and the other will be watched until my next visit.
The Hygienist and dentist were very professional and thorough,

Dec 19, 2018

Braces - Implants
Sandy H.

Williams Family Dental Group made me feel comfortable and more at ease than I’ve ever been in a dentist chair. I was very happy with my visit and looking forward to the treatment plan they come up with. Well... Sort of 😏 I would definitely recommend them to family and friends.

Dec 18, 2018

The Best
Greg S.

Williams Family Dental Group id absolutly THE BEST dentist I have ever experience. The staff is always so pleasant and cheerful, the hygentists are always friendly and do a wonderful job and Dr. Williams is one of a kind.

Dec 17, 2018

6 month checkup

as always great experience,as far as dental appointments go.

Dec 17, 2018

Jessica Y.

Friendliest staff I've ever met! The Dentists are very thorough, conservative, educated and thorough! The best!

Dec 16, 2018

You are the Best.
Janet B.

You guys made me feel like I have always been your patient!! Thanks for making me feel so welcome.

Dec 14, 2018

Beth B.

As always, the staff members were friendly and thorough. Thanks Dr. George and Joe!
Merry Christmas 🎄

Dec 12, 2018


Always thorough, friendly and professional.
Would recommend them highly.

Dec 12, 2018

Extracted Tooth
Roger G.

Best service I have ever received. The most friendly staff, dentist, and great family feeling. I was terrified to go to a dentist but this group can't be beat. Will highly recommend and also will return for more dental work. Keep up the good work.

Dec 11, 2018

Recent visit
Patty G.

I may be the only person in the WORLD that loves to go to the DENTIST!! Thank you Dr Williams for always being
so caring even when you KNOW I am lieing about FLOSSING!! <3

Dec 05, 2018

Julie N.

Williams Family Dental Group Inc has been my dentist of choice for over 20 years. They are kind and compassionate people. Ready for a laugh. And professional. Love the whole staff!

Dec 04, 2018

Great staff

Awesome staff always a good experience

Dec 04, 2018

Great job (as always)
Janis A.

My 5 year old had her appointment today and as always, Dr. Williams and his staff made her feel comfortable. Thank you all for doing a wonderful job and being so kind!

Dec 03, 2018

Great Job!!
Kathy M.

As always, Joe did a great job cleaning my teeth and it was great to see Dr. Williams and get a good check-up. Also briefly met their newest dentist who will be joining the team in Jan 2019. Thank you!!

Nov 29, 2018

Steve C.

Regular visits are always pleasant at Williams Family Dental. I had missed an appointment, but it was no big deal. Xrays and cleaning today were quick and easy!

Nov 26, 2018

Pleasant experience
Cheryl J.

Clean office and pleasant staff. Drs. Williams both are very friendly and professional. Would definitely recommend 👍

Nov 22, 2018

My visit
jeff b.

Very impressed with Dr. George Jr. Very comprehensive examination. Staff very nice, felt very comfortable. My cleaning tech Joe outstanding best cleaning ever had. Very satisfied.

Nov 20, 2018

My Initial Visit

I am very impressed with the care I received here. Moved to the area a few months ago and a family member recommended this practice. I received a very thorough exam. The dentist spent a long time reviewing the x-rays and photos. Very personable and friendly.

Nov 16, 2018

AMAZING experience
Shawna S.

I can’t say enough good things about this place. Very clean, unbelievably friendly and extremely thorough. I would recommend them to ANYONE!

Nov 15, 2018

Always concerned about your comfort!
Linda G.

Dr. Williams and staff are always concerned about your comfort during procedures. They know how I’ve reacted with past procedures and are really great about giving me “breaks” to keep me comfortable during procedures. Then the Dr. called to check on me at home to make sure I was doing ok!
You rarely find that kind of compassion and caring in today’s world. I am so happy I chose this dentist and staff!!

Nov 15, 2018

Great job
Michelle L.

Care and gentle dental care

Nov 15, 2018

Great job
Michelle L.

Care and gentle dental care

Nov 13, 2018

Always fabulous!
Amanda T.

As usual I always Have a great experience when going to Williams family dental. From the front desk ladies, joe cleaning my teeth and Dr Williams with the send off everyone is always so amazing! :)

Nov 10, 2018

The best

Dr.Williams and staff are very professional and have a family atmosphere at the same time. I have recommended many to his office and will continue to do so.

Nov 07, 2018

Mary C.

Warm, professional and excellent care at my appointment today. Thank you!!

Nov 07, 2018

Appointment 11-7-18
Jerry N.

Regular cleaning and exam appointment went smoothly and efficiently. My morning appointment ran right on schedule. Joe & Dr. Williams (Sr) were careful and attentive to all my questions.

Oct 31, 2018

Tooth extraction
Tiffany D.

No one ever really looks forward to having a tooth pulled. Since my appointment fell on Halloween I was pleasantly surprised to see the staff all dressed up for the holiday. It instantly put me at ease. Dr. Williams Jr and staff all made sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure. I have been a patient at this office for over 20 years and wouldn’t think to go elsewhere!

Oct 25, 2018

Front Tooth Repair
Rebecca P.

Chipped my front tooth and thought I would have to have the tooth replaced. Went to Dr. Williams office and they completely repaired the tooth and it looks great. Very Pleased.

Oct 25, 2018

Regular Dental Visit
Therese E.

I have been a patient of Dr. Williams all my adult life and I have always been given first class care. Joe is an excellent hygienist - smart, skilled and caring. He is the perfect example of the kind of quality employees in the Williams Dental family.
I highly recommend their services to anyone. You will be treated by the best.

Oct 22, 2018

many years patient

Always prompt, always courteous, and very thorough. My bite plate has saved me much grief from tooth grinding!

Oct 18, 2018

re: Appointment 10/18
Bob H.

Always a great experience at the office! Takes great care of the whole family. It sure feels good to be with the best....

Oct 17, 2018

appointments on 10/15/18
Linda N.

The Staff and Dr. Williams, Jr. were very pleasant and welcoming for a new patient.
Since I have some problems with the muscles on the right side of my mouth, I have been having quite a few painful muscle spasms as a result of my visit--perhaps from the x-ray process (?). If there were any way to make that process easier for someone like me, that would be much appreciated.
Thank you.

Oct 17, 2018

Teeth cleaning
Ellyn M.

Joe is great! He's gentle while cleaning & super thoughtful.
Both George's are caring & considerate.
My favorite dentists!!!

Oct 15, 2018

Don P.

Joe took excellent care of my teeth as usual. The office staff was very friendly and proficient. From the time you walk in the door until you walk out I have the feeling that they will make my visit as pleasant as possible.

Oct 12, 2018

Henry C.

Nice Staff
Very Professional

Oct 09, 2018

Doug P.

It would be hard to find a better place for you teeth! Great folks.

Oct 08, 2018

Visit and mouth guard adjustment
Christine M.

Dr William’s was promt.He explained everything to me. He went over X-ray results as I was watching. His son, Dr.William's also was in for part of
the visit. I would not hesitate to recommend them
Christine Mack- Bath, Ohio

Oct 04, 2018

Paul L.

This was my 6 month dental hygiene visit.
As usual, Joe was perfectly professional, answered all of my questions and engaged in pleasant conversation. Dr. Williams Sr. performed the exam in a friendly and highly professional manner.
The office staff is always pleasant and made sure all of our future appointments were in order.
Everyone encouraged us to call if there were any questions or concerns.

Sep 27, 2018

Julie G.

Love everyone, what else can I say. They make you feel comfortable. I would highly recommend them.

Sep 20, 2018

New dentist

The entire staff at Williams Family dental group are very knowledgeable and friendly. My 7 year old son had a bad experience at a pediatric dentist and was fearful for a check-up Dr. Williams Jr was very patient and talked him through it, now he LOVES coming to the dentist!!
Everyone at the office treats you like family because to them you are family!!

Thank you for all you do!!

Sep 19, 2018

Love my dentist
Chad J.

Dr Williams sr has been my dentist very going on ten years since I was 15 , I love the work he has done on my teeth and truly cares for his patients by always giving way to help improve my oral health. I used to always have cavities but with his help I haven’t had a cavity in a very long time and my teeth are doing great! Thanks for all you do!

Sep 18, 2018

Discharge from practice?
Jack N.

I speak for my wife and myself. Very disappointed in the Williams group. My wife was treated poorly over medication her surgeon told her to use prior to dental treatments to start our slide to "dismissed" from the practice. Then after being forced to cancel an appointment, calling at 8am the day of the aappointment, we were sent a letter that made us feel as though we work "for" Dr's Wiliams, not the other way around. So, we are firing the Williams Dental Group as our dentists so that they don't have to go to the trouble of "Dismissing" us from their practice. Better just hope you never have to cancel an appointment due to your life getting in the way of Dr George making money from you! And pray that you never have a surgeon tell you to take medication that Dr George disagrees with. It's only your surgeon telling you that.. who are they?

Reply from office
Jack, We thank you for your feedback and we are sorry that you had a poor experience. Following general precedent, our office policy requires 24 hours prior notice for a cancellation, in order to afford an opportunity for other patients awaiting treatment. We review all cancelled appointments under 24 hours before deeming a broken appointment- as we understand life events happen. If a broken appointment has occurred, we send the letter you referenced as a courtesy reminder of our appointment policy. This is not a dismissal. Due to HIPAA laws, we cannot comment on any questions regarding medications. However, as a general comment, both Dr. Williams Jr. and Dr. Williams Sr. conduct significant research regarding practices of care as patient safety is our utmost priority. If any questions arise, they routinely contact our patient's physicians to have a thorough, professional discussion. Both of our doctors follow the up to date recommended guidelines of the American Dental Association, American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine and other well researched health organizations. We will be contacting you to discuss yours and your wife's concerns. Thank you. -Williams Family Dental Group

Sep 11, 2018

6 month cleaning
Doug G.

Had to cancel my initial 6 month cleaning appointment and was able to get in a few days later on the cancellation list. Joe did an excellent job and the entire staff has always been like family to us. Always appreciate the friendly atmosphere!

Sep 10, 2018

6 month check up
Greg F.

Friendly and efficient staff. I have never waited more than 10 minutes for an appointment. I have been a patient for about 10 years.

Sep 07, 2018

First visit
Steve C.

Everyone was so nice. They treated you like family!

Sep 05, 2018

Dental Cleaning
PatDental Cleaning U.

Joe did a great job on my dental cleaning & Dr. Williams was very pleasant as always. Couldn't ask for a better dental group. 5 Star Rating.

Sep 04, 2018

Chip in Tooth
Richard R.

I have always been impressed by the sincere and genuine attention placed on my dental care by Dr. Williams. Over the decades, he has been there when I needed honest advisement. The tooth chip can't be seen now. Thank you!

Aug 30, 2018

Great dentist
Mary Ann L.

Dr Williams, Sr and Dr Williams, Jr are both fabulous caring dentists. His staff treats you like family. In fact, my daughters and granddaughters all go there.

Aug 29, 2018

Mike T.

Great staff. Everyone treats you in a first class manner.

Aug 20, 2018

Top Notch
Eli A.

Dr. Williams & his team are very professional and genuinely caring. So friendly...they make dental visits a pleasure! Thank you!!

Aug 15, 2018

Decayed Wisdom Tooth
Rita A.

Another successful visit at Dr. Williams office today! The staff, the skill, the environment is top notch every time. The patient always comes first here. Quality dental care & always with a smile!!

Aug 02, 2018

review of dentist appt
Dania M.

I am a huge wimp when it comes to getting my teeth cleaned, so I have to say that Joe is an excellent hygienist! The best ever! He understands my sensitivity and cleans my teeth thoroughly. And, the entire staff is friendly and professional at the same time. Excellent service all around :)

Jul 25, 2018

6 mo checkup & old filling replaced
Betsy B.

As always, my visit to Dr Williams’ office was a pleasant experience. Everyone is highly skilled, friendly and kind. The office is always very clean. I highly recommend this dental office

Jul 11, 2018

Williams Family Dental Group
Richard C.

Dr. Williams & his staff are wonderful. My dental history made my visits to a dentist a very negative experience. Since coming to Dr. Williams 13 years ago those experiences have improved immeasurably. Dr. Williams is a great dentist. The front office is efficient, professional, and very friendly. My hygienist, Joe, is super. He makes that part of the appointment easy.... something I would never had said before coming to this office. I would recommend this practice to everyone.

Jul 10, 2018

emergency crown reattachment
Rima M.

I highly recommend Williams Family Dental Group to others for their professionalism, care, knowledge, accommodation, cleansiness, and great staff. Awesome group.

Jul 09, 2018

Friendliest Dentist
Brian B.

Dr. Williams and his staff pride themselves on being the Best of the Best in Canton, Ohio and they are. From the moment I was greeted by name at the door all the way through my cleaning and exam, the staff could not be more friendly, courteous, and kind. The hygienist, Joe, talked with me during the cleaning and was very personable. Dr. Williams was professional during the exam and never made me feel talked down to about my dental health. Highly recommended.

Jul 03, 2018

Thank You!
Frank A.

Your team always exceeds expectations and I want to thank you for going above and beyond. Dr. George Williams, Sr, took the time to explain to me what the current status of my tooth was and what his recommendation (a crown) was for the best results.

I'll see all of you at 8:30 am next Wednesday the process and look forward to the best results.

Have a nice 4th of July Holiday . . . and I'll bring the donuts next Wednesday!

Jul 02, 2018

Emergency visit
Beth B.

Dr. Williams was gracious to see me when an abscessed tooth suddenly appeared. Thank you for your expert care and intervention!!

Jun 26, 2018

Great Experience!

Took the time to get to know you and treats you like family.

Jun 26, 2018

Doctor visit for 3 year old
Jessica L.

Called the office in a moments notice when toddler fell and hurt her tooth, we were able to get into the office right away. Dr. Williams always does a fantastic job no matter the age of the patient! Thank you for a great experience.

Jun 26, 2018

Cynthia W.

Always great and a personal family comfortable atmosphere. Dr Williams and staff are professional and kind. This was the first visit here for my daughters. They said they like dental visits now!

Jun 26, 2018

Great Job
Hope C.

They did a great job! Gave me a lot of information!

Jun 25, 2018

Dental Check up

Great experience as always for the adults and kids! Love this place!

Jun 11, 2018

Totally Trust Dr. Williams
Kathy M.

My teeth have been seeing Dr. Williams for almost 8 years, when I moved here from Atlanta. I chose his practice by way of the highly regarding Pankey Institute and have been more than satisfied. I totally trust Dr. Williams with my dental care and what I like most is his conservative approach. Clearly, he has built his practice for the long term rather than short-term quick profit at the patient's expense. Always informed and using the latest technology. Now, I've moved further away, but he is well worth the longer drive!

Jun 07, 2018

Repaired cap
Linda N.

Dr Williams Jr. did a fine job repairing my cap. He explained the risks clearly and was gentle in his approach.

Jun 05, 2018

Great Dentist
Cristina G.

Dr. Williams's staff is very professional and welcoming. They truly care about me as their patient. I can truly say that I don't mind going to the dentist twice a all! It is a relaxing environment and they respect my time. I would recommend Dr. Williams for your family dentist!

Jun 05, 2018

First Visit

Office staff was very friendly and welcoming. Clean environment. Dr. Williams Jr. took the time to introduce himself and get to know me. A great place!

May 31, 2018

Dr. Williams and staff
Tim M.

I am terrified of dentists! Dr. Williams the only one I've ever dealt with that actually cares about how you're feeling and takes and take steps to make you feel comfortable not terrified! The staff is phenomenal!! A group of people that are always smiling and make you feel welcome. If you have been looking for other dentists in the the area you need to look no further because this big baby has tried them all and the only person he's ever going to go to is Dr. Williams!

May 30, 2018

May 30 vivit.
Paul S.

Problem fixed. Excellent . Dr. Williams and staff continually exceed expectations.

May 24, 2018

Always a class act
Ann P.

Everyone in the office is friendly and professional.

May 22, 2018

Best Dam Dentist
Edward L.

Still is the best dam dentist around!!!! They always do right by me!

May 17, 2018

Dr. Williams
Robin S.

Nice folks! Efficient doctors and staff

May 17, 2018

Patricia H.

Dr. George, Jr and Alyssa
were kind and informative. They made sure my questions were answered and explained each step as it occurred. It’s great to see the next generation continuing the stellar care we’ve come to expect from Williams Family Dental.

May 15, 2018

Repair of a tooth
Patricia U.

Today I had a tooth repaired by Dr.George Sr.
He was very nice, skillfull & did an excellent job. As always I give the doctors & staff 5 STARS, they are all just the best.
They also get all my votes for The Best Dental Group of 2018.
Thank you all.

Patricia Unkefer

May 11, 2018

Dental check up

Excellent service, very friendly and personable dr and staff. My 3 year old loves going there.

May 09, 2018

Simply amazing!
Silena S.

Love this father son duo, along with their entire staff. Everyone is so personable and kind. I would definitely recommend to all family and friends.

Apr 30, 2018


Outstanding visit from entry to departure!

Apr 30, 2018

Broken tooth
Rochelle L.

I broke a tooth over the weekend and was able to get an appointment first thing Monday morning. I expected to see Dr. Williams for a consultation and come back at a future date to have the tooth fixed. I was surprised he was able to look at the tooth and fix it at my appointment. I was able to return to work in less than a hour. Can always count on Williams Family Dental Group for great service!

Apr 28, 2018

Susan W.

I would highly recommend the dental office of Dr. George Williams. Very professional, kind and makes you feel welcome. Staff is outstanding!! If you are looking for a dentist- call Dr. Williams office. Their work is top notch.

Apr 24, 2018

dentist, office

The dentist is very skillful over all my visits.

The other office personnel have been efficient and pleasant.

Apr 19, 2018

Jen G.

Went in to have impressions made on my teeth, they did an excellent job! The whole office is very friendly and treat you like family, not a patient!

Apr 17, 2018

Best Dam Dentist
Edward L.

I am 56 years old and have hated going to the Dentist my entire life. Someone introduced me to Dr. Williams Dental office and I could not be happier. He understands my dislike of dental visits and does everything possible to make each and every visit a comfortable experience with NO anxiety. I like him so much my wife started going to his office!!!

Apr 12, 2018

broken crown
Cindi H.

I broke a crown a few days ago and the office was great in getting me in quickly and Dr Williams Jr and staff were willing to stay later to put in a temporary crown.

Apr 09, 2018

Mike M.

Crown today. I just realized this evening that I had forgotten about having a crown today. This shows how skilled George Williams DDS is at his craft. I have had absolutely no pain upon biting down nor have i had any soft tissue pain. Its as if I had no work done to my tooth at all. Well done Dr Williams well done.

Apr 05, 2018

Thank you
Daniel L.

The best place

Apr 04, 2018

Mark E.

Always a super friendly staff! Also understanding and informative, I feel they’re the best in the business!

Apr 02, 2018

Thank You
Doug L.

Awesome as always for the past 25+

Mar 30, 2018

Recent Appointment
Jane E.

Dr Williams was on time, gentle, accommodating in light of my TMJ and difficulty keeping my mouth open. Very good experience!

Mar 30, 2018

Dr Williams
Justin H.

Amazing service! This dentist office is the best hands down! Have been going there since I was a toddler. Would highly recommend!!

Mar 21, 2018

Great place
Janis A.

Always a great experience. Staff is friendly and helpful.

Mar 21, 2018

Margaret R.

The Williams Family Dental Practice is comprised of a friendly and caring group of individuals. Both Dr. Williams and Dr. George are well educated, talented Dentists. I completely trust their opinion and I know they have only my best interest at heart.

Mar 18, 2018

Wonderful Care!

I came to Dr. George Williams the morning after a significant car accident with several misalignments, a cracked molar and multiple chipped teeth. Right away Dr. Williams made me feel comfortable with the next steps in my treatment plan. I felt reassured through his knowledge and compassion that I was receiving the best care possible. The office staff is fantastic, Alyssa the dental assistant was kind, and both Dr. Williams were considerate as well as professional.

Mar 14, 2018

Great dentist and staff
Betty P.

Dr Williams does great dental work. He is so caring and kind. His staff is very accommodating technically very good. They make you feel like your part of a family.

His son joined the practice and always makes a point of stopping in the room to reacquaint himself. I would trust either one of them to provide me dental care.

Mar 13, 2018

1st appointment and cleaning
Jo M.

My 15 year old daughter was very happy with her 1st appointment today. She spoke very highly of Dr. Williams and the dental hygienist Alyssa.

Anytime you can impress a teenager you have to be amazing!

Mar 12, 2018

Tammi R.

Always pleasant, professional, and caring. Dr. Willams and the staff are awesome.

Mar 12, 2018

Highly recommended
Joe G.

The William's Family Dental Group is attentive from the moment you enter the office. The Doctor's and staff take time to explain the procedures and answer questions or concerns. I appreciate their professionalism and service from start to finish.

Mar 08, 2018

Wonderful Service
Lauren R.

I have visited this dentist twice, and both times had a great experience! Thank you!

Mar 05, 2018

A+ Dental check up
Nate H.

Williams Family Dental Group always has given me the best dental service for the past 35 years. They were very accommodating to me and my one and a half year old today at my recent Dental check-up! Thank you all so much, Nate

Mar 01, 2018

Fantastic Dental Practice
Vanessa H.

Best dental practice I have ever been too. Every person in the office does a wonderful job! They are friendly, kind and knowledgeable. I will never go anywhere else and will continue to refer friends and family!

Feb 27, 2018

Teeth cleaning
Jerry E.

Very well done.

Feb 15, 2018


Great service

Feb 14, 2018

Friendly Staff, Informative Visits
Jeffrey J.

I've been twice to Williams family dentistry and I'm happy that I've gone. The staff is always nice and dedicated to educating you about what's happening inside of your mouth. I definitely recommend them!

Feb 14, 2018

Fred R.

Great personalized service!

Feb 07, 2018

5 Star *****
Joanna M.

Last year my dentist of over 13 years passed away unexpectedly. There was no one like him so I put off finding another dentist for over a year. I knew finding a dentist that was both very knowledgeable and willing to take the time to do what was needed on my teeth was going to be difficult because I have a lot of dental issues due to my medications.

I was lucky enough to come across Dr. Williams while googling the best dentist in Canton. He literally won Best Dentist of the Year 2017.

Prior to even placing me in the dental chair Dr. Williams took the time to sit down with me and go over all my concerns and medications. He then showed me each individual tooth on a large screen monitor and explained what everything was and what he thought the solutions were. Dr. Williams never made me feel nervous or rushed or like he was trying to do the minimal just to make a quick buck.

I was extremely impressed with his knowledge and willingness to take his time and explain everything in great detail. I was equally impressed with his staff who were all very pleasant and willing to answer any questions. It also made my day to find out Dr. Williams had hired the Office Manager from my previous dentist. :-) :-)

I will be going back and taking my children here.

So if you are looking for the Best Dentist in Canton, Ohio I highly recommend Dr. William and his staff. ***** 5 star

Feb 03, 2018


Good experience

Feb 01, 2018

Adrian S.

I've been coming to Dr. Williams family dental for over 30 years! Service is second to none!

Jan 31, 2018

No stress dentistry
Ann P.

Dr. Williams and staff are skilled, friendly and accommodating.

Jan 29, 2018

Dr Williams is the best!

I absolutely recommend Dr Williams or his son to anyone who is looking for a wonderful dentist. They are both extremely knowledgeable and professional as well as kind and caring. Seriously the best dentist I've ever been to in my life. Highly recommend. And the office staff is amazing! They treat you like family. Dr Williams is honest and his dental work is perfection.

Jan 29, 2018

Williams Family Dental Group
Heather H.

I love, love, love this dental office! They always make you feel so welcome and are very concerned with your comfort and care. I highly recommend Dr. Williams to everyone!!!

Jan 25, 2018

Routine Cleaning
Clare A.

Another A1 visit at Dr. Williams today on all levels from the reception area to the hygienist to the dentist. This office offers what others strive to but, fall short. Thank you, your the best in dental care.

Jan 24, 2018

Carla D.

Best dentists and staff in town

Jan 23, 2018

Treated like a real person
Daniel C.

Why I love going to Dr. Williams (father or son) is that you are treated like a person, not the 3 pm or patient #10. They always speak to you in realistic terms and don't talk down to you about the status of your teeth. The staff there is also great to work with.

Jan 23, 2018

Today's visit
Janeen L.

Always efficient & the place runs like a well oiled click.

Jan 23, 2018

Penny H.

I was there for my scheduled cleaning. Joe (my hygienist) was prompt and friendly as always. Dr. Williams checked my teeth after my cleaning. He, too, was as friendly as he always is. I would highly recommend this dental practice to anyone and everyone. They are friendly and accommodating and I always feel comfortable and well taken care of after every visit.

Jan 22, 2018

Dentist appointment
SaRaina S.

We love this office!!

Jan 18, 2018

Julia H.

Excellent care as always. Both Dentists were friendly! I appreciated the older (!) Dr. Williams popping in to chat a bit. Hygienist is very knowledgeable and does a wonderful job.
Keep up the good work!

Jan 11, 2018

Great job!
Erin S.

Dr. Williams did a great job fixing my son’s tooth. You can’t even tell it was broken.

Jan 09, 2018

Recent Visit
Karen C.

Just had my latest check-up that consisted of X-Rays and cleaning. My teeth look and feel cleaner! Always enjoy my cleaning sessions. Joe is very nice and does a great job. Dr. Williams(senior) came in to do a checkup and asked me to pay particular attention to cleaning certain areas. I like that kind of concern and heads up shown by the dentist. All staff is great which includes office staff!

Jan 08, 2018

Williams Family Dental
Donald E.

This is one of the finest dental practices in northern Ohio, maybe in the state. Great people from George and his son through the entire staff.

Jan 04, 2018

Dr. Williams
Tim M.

I am the biggest BABY!! I hate dentists! But, I have to say I have never been with a dentist that cares about their patients as much as he and his son does. His team are the best that I have ever dealt with! I have lived in WI,MN,MI and OH and people tell me go to this dds he is the best. Not so much! Dr. Williams his son and the staff care! YES I SAID CARE!! He goes out of his way to help you feel good about going to the dentist. Go to others and feel like crap, go here and have your fears understood and work to make you comfortable. Love the staff!

Jan 02, 2018

check up
Gail W.

Excellent Care!!!

Jan 02, 2018

Amazing & caring
Nezam A.

Dr. Williams is an amazing and caring dentist. He is very professional and his team is great. They do a great and quality job.

Dec 19, 2017

Excellent appointment

Had a cleaning and X-rays that went quickly and was very efficient. Friendly, but also professional.

Dec 18, 2017

6 month check up
Shawn S.

Very great Dr and staff.

Dec 15, 2017

5 Stars
Jadah W.

Feels like Family, thank you!

Dec 13, 2017

6 month check up
Tammi R.

Today, Tracey was my hygienist for the first time. She was professional and personable. She is highly recommended.

Dec 11, 2017

Dental Exam

I was very impressed with the level of professionalism. What a world of difference from my old dentist to this practice. Technology that I never knew existed.

Dec 06, 2017

Well done!
Richard R.

I have been visiting the Williams Family Dental Group for several decades now. My wife and children also receive their dental care with Dr. Williams. A fantastic teeth cleaning this morning and I have to say, it's like visiting family!
Highly recommend their group!

Dec 05, 2017

Cyndy W.

I worried about getting a back molar pulled with only Novocain. I wasted a good worry. It was painless and fast. Dr. Williams is always friendly and proficient. Staff is always knowledgeable and professional. Still no pain!

Dec 05, 2017

Dental recomendations
Amy S.

My family and I have been patients of Dr Williams for many years. The entire staff are friendly, professional, personable and accommodating to each of us. I often tell them I want to come back for more than our two visits each year!

Nov 28, 2017

Dental Cleaning
Don T.

They always do a great job taking care of my teeth!

Nov 22, 2017

Thank You!
Frank A.

With so many choices, today's consumer may become confused as to which service provider to choose. Make no mistake about it, the Williams Family Dentistry stands heads and above all others in the greater Stark County area. The personalized service and attention actually makes going to the dentist something I look forward to doing! Joe Klausner is THE very best!! He educates you as he goes along and before you know it, Dr. Williams is putting the final touches on the service . . . wonderful team and perfect in execution. I hope they will continue the practice of driving excellence in the years to come. Thank you!!!

Nov 22, 2017

Check up and cleaning
Joe G.

From beginning to end always greeted with enthusiasm. Joe consistently does a great job and I appreciate his experience. Highly recommended! thanks

Nov 21, 2017

Great Job, As Always!
Kathy M.

I've entrusted my dental care to your practice for almost 7 years now - ever since I moved to the area. Everyone is so nice, professional and punctual that I actually enjoy going to the dentist! The Williams Family Dental Group stays on top of the latest trends in dentistry and is always looking to make sure that patients are treated with the best care. They clearly look to build long term relationships rather than so many other practices that seem focused on short-term profits, often at the expense of good dental care/advice for the patient. Thank you Dr. Williams!

Nov 20, 2017

Sandy B.

Joe does great job cleaning my teeth!!!! Office staff is friendly and warm.....Dr George is a exceptional dentist my experience with crowns and tooth implant are beautiful,
Thanks to all of you,

Nov 15, 2017

Great job!
Mark J.

Always a good experience. High qualified and friendly staff.

Nov 14, 2017

Cleaning appt
Cheryl J.

Appointment was on time. Office very clean and staff very friendly. I would highly recommend Dr Williams

Nov 10, 2017

Always friendly service!
Tiffany G.

I actually look forward to going to Dr.Willam’s office. Dr and his staff are always amazing, friendly and go above and beyond for my family and me. I always leave with a smile in my face!

Nov 08, 2017

Amanda T.

Absolutely love going to Williams Family! Everyone is always so friendly and caring! Joe usually cleans my teeth every 6 months and he’s very personable! He’s an all around great guy!

Nov 06, 2017

tooth filling emergency
Robert B.

Made room for me at last minute; Senior Dr Williams did a
masterful job without novacain to fill a broken tooth. Great
Dentist and person.

Nov 03, 2017

Dental Appointment
John R.

I had my initial appointment with Dr. George William Jr.
He was very accommodating and professional. He went over my x-rays with me and explained in laymen terms my prognosis. I appreciated the honesty and professionalism. I felt like he treated me like a friend instead of a patient.

Nov 03, 2017

6 month check-up
Patricia H.

I (and my family) have been a patient of this practice for 26 years. They remain a well-trained group of health care professionals. I still appreciate getting to see the ORIGINAL
Dr. Williams (Big George) and am grateful for Young Dr. Wms. (Georgie) increasing the longevity of the
practice. Both are highly skilled and talented dentists!
The staff is cheerful, kind, attentive and caring. I recommend you all OFTEN!
God bless you!

Nov 02, 2017

Great Job !
Brian G.

I was afraid George would retire then where would I go ! Glad his son has joined the practice Great work

Oct 31, 2017

Pain Free and Kind Service!
Laura F.

I just absolutely love the staff and service at Williams Family Dental. Having had bad experiences with a dentist in the past, going to the dentist has never been something I look forward to but this team is great! They are so kind and friendly, they make you feel comfortable and welcome, and they aim to give you a pain free experience! I've recommended them to many friends who always thank me because they too received the same great customer service and treatment. Thanks again!

Oct 27, 2017

Wonderful visit

Dr Williams and his team are wonderful. Their friendly and attentive service gives me a beautiful smile. Joe is great hygienist and does the best cleaning.

Oct 26, 2017

Always 5 star!
Tiffany G.

Been going to Dr. Williams since 2010 and I’m always impressed with the doctors and the staff! I recommend the office, any chance I get!!

Oct 24, 2017

Douglas P.

Great work as usual

Oct 24, 2017

Linda G.

Very thorough!

Oct 24, 2017

1st appoinment
Ann H.

Really liked dr george: extremely knowledgable
and really liked his going over my x-rays, tooth by
tooth. Everyone in the office was very friendly and
welcoming. I've never had a dentist spend so much
time with me and be so informative. Loved your

Oct 23, 2017

Debbie M.

Always a great experience. Dentists and staff are all wonderful.

Oct 19, 2017

First visit
Jason H.

This was an experience unlike the big chain or franchise operations. The one on one attention really made me feel like I wasn’t a number or trying to be past trough to get to the next patient. A real family feel and much different than any medical/dental group I have went to over the past 20 years.

Oct 18, 2017

Sarah A.

My daughter had to have fillings done today. She was nervous but Dr George quickly put a smile on her face as chased her worries away. From the moment you walk in the door you feel like you are among friends.

Oct 17, 2017

Great Service!

Just had a tooth filled today. Quick, painless, and job well done!

Oct 16, 2017

6 mo. Check up
Ken R.

Always Friendly and thorough.

Oct 15, 2017

Scott S.

Tracey cleaned my teeth did a very nice job. Joe usually cleans my teeth he's awesome 1st time I met George jr very enjoyable like his popa

Oct 13, 2017

Judy F.

I saw Dr. Williams Jr. He is the kindest dentist I have ever visited.
I am always fearful in the dentist office. Dr. Williams Jr. made be very comfortable. He explained everything to me. I left with no questions. Very special dentist.

Oct 11, 2017

Edward L.

I just wanna say I'm 56 years old and for the very 1st time and my life I had the best experience ever at a dental office. Your staff is not only professional but friendly and helpful in every way possible. Doctor Williams takes the time to slowly explain everything that needs to be done and options that are available and then make sure you have no questions or he answers anything he can for you. Is a very gentle and pleasant person and makes you feel relaxed in many ways and not worried about the procedures being done. For the 1st time ever in my life I left there without any anxiety or any fear of the dentist office.

Oct 10, 2017

Friendly atmosphere
Jen G.

They treat you like family as soon as you enter the office! I was terrified of a dentist until I went to Dr. Williams! I let them know about my fear, they made me comfortable and talked me through the procedure. Dr. Williams even called to check on me later that night! You won't find a better dentist office!

Oct 05, 2017

Sara W.

I love that my husband was referred to Williams Family Dental by one of his clients. If it were not for that, I would not have had the pleasure of having my appointment there today! You just know when someone does their job with excellence. I would refer anyone and everyone to Williams Family Dental! Thank you!

Oct 05, 2017

Great Group
robin b.

A great group of professionals, but they seem more like family!
You will not find a better group.

Oct 04, 2017

Williams Family Dental Group
Jill G.

Such a great group of people. From Dr. Williams to everyone in the office. I am treated like a family member everytime I’m there. They’re the best at what they do and the best group of people I’ Ever known!

Oct 03, 2017

Dental visit
Sara S.

My family loves this dentist office. Everyone is so great!!

Oct 02, 2017


Thank you for warm and outstanding services.

Sep 28, 2017

Dentist visit
Virgil S.

Excellent Dr and amazing staff

Sep 28, 2017

John C.

Always a pleasant experience visiting your office. Top notch organization and have recommended it numerous times. Kudos to the entire crew.

Sep 28, 2017

marian k.


Sep 27, 2017

Semi-annual checkup
Johnnie K.

I like going to Williams Family Dental. Staff is very courteous and the office is well kept. Tracey is awesome as my hygienist and Dr. Williams is very personable.

Sep 27, 2017

Thanks Joe!
Mike S.

I was really wrestles yesterday because I have been having some stress at work and with the family. I let Joe know before we started. My teeth are not easy to clean. Joe was relaxed and extra sensitive to my situation. Dr. Williams is great as well!

Sep 21, 2017

Professional and friendly
Janine O.

I always feel like I'm going to visit friends when I have an appointment. I find this team to be very professional and genuine.

Sep 20, 2017

Recent appointment
Grace K.

George, I didn't get a chance to thank you before I left on Monday. Thank you for your patience with me. I recommended you to my neighbor. I hooe you are able to help her.

Sep 20, 2017

Cynthia S.

Great doctors and great staff!!! I have been going to Dr. Williams since he opened practice and each of my six children have gone to him since they were 3 yrs old. Now, my grandchildren are going to him! I would recommend Williams Family Dental Group to any age group!

Sep 20, 2017

dental cleaning
Scott L.

Dr. Williams office is the most professionally run dental office I have ever been in. There are always on time, and most times I get in 5 minutes of more early for my cleanings. They are never trying to sell you something you don't need, and they communicate anything that can improve your dental health overall. You know when you find a business, any business, that treats you so well you can't say enough good things about them? Dr. Williams Family Dental is that sort of business. Professional, Years of experience, honest, punctual; the list of positives is endless. Highly, highly recommend..


Sep 19, 2017

Office visit
Raymond N.

I had a few cavities filled first thing this morning. The appointment was quick, easy, and PAINLESS. I'd recommend Dr. Williams to anyone.

Sep 18, 2017

quality service
Mike T.

Ist class staff. Zero waiting time.

Sep 13, 2017

Great with kids
Kristina Y.

My son has had some extensive dental work done with Dr. Williams. He makes it easy on kids and not scary! The staff is friendly and personable!

Sep 12, 2017

Today's visit

Great access to the Dr in time of need. In and out in 30 minutes with followup scheduled within 2 weeks. Love this office

Sep 12, 2017

Great job
Janis A.

Dr Williams and his team always do a wonderful job.

Sep 06, 2017

Great job!
Michael C.

I always have a great experience at Williams Family Dental. Everyone in the office is always incredibly nice and very professional. My dentist for life!

Aug 31, 2017

How good they really are!
Ronald D.

They always do a great job and are very friendly.
as weird as it may sound, it's almost fun to go there. I also like the fact that if you have any problems after your visit they are always there for you. I have even had Dr. Williams call me on the weekend to make sure I wasn't in pain.

Aug 29, 2017

Great as always!
Linda C.

Couldn't ask for a better dental office. Always on time, friendly, caring and I know they always give high quality service. You are truly the best!

Aug 28, 2017

First Appointment
Raymond N.

I was very impressed with every aspect of my first appointment. The staff was very friendly and the doctor was spectacular. Dr. Williams answered all of my questions and made me feel extremely comfortable. I couldn't be happier with my choice of dentists.

Aug 23, 2017

Customer care

Excellent customer service and care. I wouldn't want to go anywhere where else.

Aug 23, 2017

Great Dental Care!
Greg F.

We have been going to Williams Family Dental for nearly 10 years. The staff is courteous, thorough and is mindful of your time. I have never waited more than 10 minutes for an appointment. They work well with younger children too. My kids never fear their dental check ups. I would recommend them to anyone.

Aug 22, 2017

Family Dental Care
Patrick H.

Dr. Williams and his professional staff have provided outstanding dental care to my family for 10 years. I would highly recommend Dr. Williams to family and friends!

Aug 21, 2017

Thank you
Christian o.

Thank you for another great experience. You made me feel at ease and understood my needs. The staff were very cool and nice.
Christian -13 years old

Aug 17, 2017

First visit review
Kevin H.

It was a very accommodating visit that was on time and went above and beyond what I expected. The staff was very friendly and made time for an unexpected hiccup in my visit!


Aug 02, 2017

Another great experience!
Kristy Y.

This office never disappoints! Everyone is always so friendly and does an exceptional job with kids and adults alike. I trust and know my and my families teeth are in good hands.

Jul 27, 2017

Excellent work

Joe is the best hygienist! Very thorough and detailed without causing pain.
The new Dr. Williams left a favorable impression. Definitely a keeper.

Jul 14, 2017

So friendly and professional!

Went in for a check up and had a cavity. The entire staff is so friendly and very professional! They were constantly making sure I was comfortable. My 8 year old actually looks forward to his appointments and always wants to go with me to mine, just to hang out and visit with the staff. It's such a family atmosphere! Thank you Dr. Williams and staff!

Jul 12, 2017

Steve C.

Dr. Williams and Alyssa made my tooth repair visit very pleasant. I would recommend your office with confidence 10/10!

Thank you

Jul 12, 2017

Riley G.

Totally awesome! Didn't feel a thing! Everyone is so nice! Thank you!

Jul 11, 2017

Thank you
Donald E.

I have continued to return to the Williams practice for one very good reason: it is the BEST dental practice in the area!

Jul 07, 2017

Quick repair

I chipped a tooth at a July 5th celebration and was able to get in for a visit the next day. A quick repair and was out in 20 minutes. service was great

Jul 07, 2017

First Dental Cleaning
Patricia U.

Was in for my first dental cleaning since joining the Williams Dental Group & found Tracy to be very nice, courteous & competent & was very happy with the cleaning.

My husband & I are so happy we joined this Dental Group. They are just the finest. FIVE STAR RATING.

Thank you.

Jul 05, 2017

Excellent Dentist

Thank you for making Dental visits a pleasant experience. Williams Family Dental Group is second to none!

Jul 03, 2017

Alex Bazzoli
Margaret B.

Thank you for getting us in and being very clear on our options

Jun 26, 2017

Best Dentist Ever!
Ellen D.

Dr. Williams is, by far, the best dentist in Northeast Ohio (maybe in the entire U.S., but I've only experienced those in NE Ohio). So, eat a great deal of hard candy so that he can show off his skills!

Jun 21, 2017

Child dental care

Great with kids great enviornment

Jun 21, 2017

Yearly check-up

I always hated going to a dentist, then I discovered George
Williams. Very first visit was the BEST DENTAL experience I
ever had! He is everything you would want in a dentist; kind,
patient, very detailed gentle exams, trustworthy and honest,
and excellent in his field.

Jun 15, 2017

Very accomodating
Cindy W.

Got me in right away. Dr. Williams and the staff very kind, courteous, professional and thorough. I felt his treatment was no less than he would provide for his own family.

Jun 15, 2017

Shining Smiles
Hannah T.

Dr. Williams is professional and great at his job. I constantly accost him and others in the office with many questions, and they are always patient and helpful. They prioritize your dental health and hygiene, and try to do their best in helping with insurance inquiries. The office is clean and comfortable. I always suggest Dr. Williams when folks are looking for a new dentist.

Jun 06, 2017

Dental visit
Richard C.

Once again my visit proved to be great. The hygienist, Joe, was professional, personable, and thorough as usual. Dr. Williams is always wonderful and the front desk staff is very efficient. We have been with Williams Family Dentistry since we came to the area 12 years ago and have never considered going elsewhere.

Jun 03, 2017

Dental visit
Leila H.

I recommend Dr Williams very much and am quite satisfied with his professional care.

May 26, 2017

Dental care
Don P.

Dr. Williams and his entire staff do their utmost best to make all patients comfortable while getting the best care available.

May 26, 2017

26 years Tells The Story!
Darlene P.

Great dentist & office staff! That is why I fly back to see Dr. Williams for dental care. He is exceptional, knowledgeable, & cares about his patient's. health. Good Oral hygiene is vital for Wellness!

May 19, 2017

Sandra E.

Dr. Williams made my new dentures more than two years ago. After the initial fittings, I have had absolutely no problems with them. I am thrilled after spending many years using fix-o-dent daily.
The best compliment from people has been, I would never have known you have dentures if you hadn't told me.
I would and do recommend him to anyone looking for a dentist.

May 18, 2017

My care
Jan L.

Always good, friendly service. We'll see if what was done, works.

May 12, 2017

Client Care
Michael S.

I can't speak enough good for the care I receive from Dr Williams and the entire staff. Even when in need of an emergency appointment, Williams Family Dental arranges time to quickly fit you in.

May 03, 2017

Great care
Kelly C.

Both Dr George Jr and Dr George Sr took great care of me today. They followed up with another colleague and called me back late in the day. They are very caring and they follow through.

Apr 26, 2017

Great Dentist!!!!
Tim M.

I am the biggest baby when it comes to going to the dentist. Dr. William's and his staff do a great job of keeping my anxieties down. While making you feel comfortable. I will NEVER go to another dentist. He and his son are the best and the staff is second to none!!!

Apr 24, 2017

Cavity Filling and Teeth Cleaning

Both procedures went great and was very quick, relaxing and easy.

Apr 12, 2017

Mary Ann L.

As always, I was treated with the utmost care, compassion and professionalism.

If you hate going going to the dentist, you're going to the wrong dentist. Williams Family Dental is the best!

Apr 05, 2017

Williams Family Dental
Cindy S.

100% would recommend Dr's.George Williams(Sr. And Jr.) for your dental needs! Also, the staff is helpful, caring, and professional! I have been a patient for MANY years and always feel I am getting the best care there is!

Mar 31, 2017

Awesome Service

Been over 10 years since I was at dentist last. This was a very good experience, and I will be making my regular trips going forward.

Mar 26, 2017

Emergency help
Tom C.

Chipped a tooth day before leaving for vacation and Dr. Williams was able to get me in and repair the damage.

Mar 22, 2017

donna B.

Doing fine..grinding my teeth..!

Mar 22, 2017

Dental Visit
Heather H.

Love, love, love this dental office. Dr. Williams is simply the best dentist I have ever been to. The staff is always so friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend Williams Family Dental Group to anyone!!

Mar 16, 2017

Wouldn't go anywhere else!

Gone here since I was a kid, never had any problems. Everyone is friendly and helpful.

Mar 08, 2017

Williams dental

Great bunch of folks! Very professional, efficient, and pleasant to deal with.

Mar 06, 2017

Well Cleaned
Roy D.

Joe did a great job, every time I leave I can't believe how smooth and clean my teeth feel! Keep up the good work!

Mar 01, 2017

Excellent care
Susan R.

Dr. Williams office is a caring environment for my children. My children trust the staff and Dr. Williams.

Feb 28, 2017

The Best Dentist
Marcia M.

Fixed my tooth quickly and painlessly. I love having a perfectionist for my dental needs!! Staff is always so helpful and pleasant.

Feb 25, 2017

dental visit
margaret m.

I have only positive comments to make about Dr. Williams and his entire office staff. The energy there is stable and encouraging....especially to patients with high anxiety with their dental visits. Dr. Williams has infinite patience and a soothing, gentle manner in his presence. I am so happy and relieved to have found all these good qualities in one space.

Feb 22, 2017

Gary V.

Joe did a great job. I always feel welcomed and even though I'm only there 2 hours a year everyone says hi seems to be glad I'm there. I'm always bragging about my dentist to others. Thanks,

Feb 21, 2017

Susan R.

I trust Dr. Williams' team with my children's dental health. They are wonderful!

Feb 17, 2017

cary b.


Feb 15, 2017

today's visit
rosemary h.

as always, friendly, informative , and helpful

Feb 14, 2017

Today's visit
Lori T.

Great as always! And thank you for the quick polish!

Feb 14, 2017


Kind,fast and gentle!!!

Feb 07, 2017

We love our Dentist

My kids and I love going to see Dr.Williams!! His staff is always soo nice and helpful!! It's a great feeling when your kids ask.."When do we get our teeth cleaned again"? Of course the treasure box is a huge hit as well!!
We love it here!!

Feb 06, 2017


Dr. Williams has been my dentist for many years. I have nothing but positive things to say about every person in their office. They are always so nice and helpful. They keep me smiling!

Feb 06, 2017

Williams Family Dental
Bill M.


Feb 06, 2017

Williams Family Dental
Bill M.


Feb 03, 2017

Dental Cleaning
Nate H.

As always I have a wonderful experience at Williams Family Dental Group. Dr. George Williams jr. is now practicing with his dad who I have been going to for the past 33 years. He's a wonderful addition and very pleasant and skilled dentist. Would recommend anyone in seek of a knowledgeable experienced Family Dental team.... Thanks

Jan 30, 2017


Really enjoyed my visit at the Williams Family Dental Office. I was seen right away and had a safe, fun, healthy visit. I look forward on my visits to see Williams Family and Staff!

Jan 30, 2017

Sue P.

The Williams family dental is efficient and has excellent quality. I recommend them to anyone interested in quality care and a customer friendly environment.

Jan 30, 2017

Wonderful group
Rima M.

Wonderful group. Great Dentists and staff. Prompt, professional, clean, and great work. Highly recommend.

Jan 26, 2017

Ginger S.

Thanks so much for the wonderful job that Dr. WILLIAMS Jr. Performed on Ronnie! You are all the most professional people I know and are the very best in what you do. We feel like we come to visit family when we come, so relaxed atmosphere!
All Ronnie has said for about at least 10 or more times now " I just can't believe it!" ' I never felt a thing!" He seems to be doing fine. Is eating everything in sight! Lol! Thanks Again, and have a very nice rest of your day!


Jan 25, 2017

Nan M.

Always pleased with my care at Dr. Williams. I have gone there my whole life, and will never switch! With having sensitive gums and teeth, they truly take care of me, and never hurt me! Thank you for the outstanding care!

Jan 24, 2017

Office Visit
Justin H.

Dr Williams and staff are always wonderful!!

Jan 24, 2017

Great place!

Very friendly and helpful! My whole family goes!

Jan 23, 2017

Dr. George Williams
Rita A.

The best dentist in the area. So happy to be a patient at this practice. The dentists & staff are of utmost professional demeanor & stature. They always have time to thoroughly explain and completely listen to the patients.

Jan 23, 2017

A great father/son practice
Mariane A.

I have been going to Dr Williams for over 30 years. Never once have I had a bad experience. That is the complete opposite of my growing up years! His son has now joined the practice and he also has the great personality that his dad has. If you're looking for a dentist, this is the perfect group to go to!

Jan 19, 2017

Love this Dental Office
Heather H.

I had a HUGE dislike for going to the dentist before coming here (due bad experiences in other offices). A friend recommended Williams Family Dental Group, and I am a changed person!

The staff is always friendly and greets you by name and with a smile. The dentists are so kind and thorough (and no pain :-).
Simply THE BEST!!!
Heather Harrold

Jan 19, 2017

1-19-17 exam
Bonnie S.

The entire staff is awesome. Our family is very pleased with the kind,compassionate and professional care. Thank You

Jan 18, 2017

Dental visit
Adrian S.

I've been going to this office for over 30yrs. As much as I hate to see Dr. Williams Sr. go I know that I am in excellent hands with Dr. Williams Jr.
Love the first class staff. Great family atmosphere.

Jan 18, 2017

Friendly and Professional Dentists
Michael H.

The entire staff is very friendly and they do a great job. Highly recommend!

Jan 18, 2017

Professional and On-Time

Had appointment for cleaning, office staff was friendly and got me in on-time. Very professional and polite.

Jan 16, 2017

Dr George Williams
Sue W.

Exceptional consistent dental care.

Jan 14, 2017

my visit
Jim M.

Been going to Williams Family dental group for years always a friendly staff always on time

Jan 12, 2017

I Love Going to the Dentist!
Lindsay F.

Williams Family Dentist Group makes going to the dentist fun! Seeing them is like catching up with old friends. Been going their since I was a kid and would recommend them to everyone!!

Dec 30, 2016

Sue P.

Dr. Williams is an excellent and compassionate dentist. My family & I have been patients of his for many years & we all have great smiles 😁
I would highly recommend this practice for all of your dental needs.