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Feb 24, 2017

my son, kaleb
matthew n.

My wife and seem to be having a hard time getting our son out of pain. This review whether you post it or not is not my concern. My son Kaleb is. I need to get him into your wonderful staff, now. I can't watch him hurt like this any longer with no explanation or effort to fix him. My wife bought him in this week and she was sent home with our crying son and some antibiotics and and the only thing she new was you don't know what's wrong for sure with him. He has one tooth you worked on which in no way ever bothered him before and the day he came home he was complaining he was hurting. That was a week ago Tues. He's been on the antibiotics for days and he's only getting worse. Last night was horrible and when I bring him this morning ur closed. My bad I guess but I need him seen now. Not Mon or so on. He is in pain. So, please respond to me as if it was your child. Thanks in advance. Matthew 731-610-3398 and please no email, call me asap